39,000 LF of J-J Hooks Barrier to be deployed for the $105 Million I-81 Corridor Widening Project

February 15, 2017 | Concrete Safety Systems News

Midland, VA – February 16th 2017 – Working together the West Virginia Department of Transportation and the Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration will widen 5 miles of I-81 between US 11 in West Virginia and MD 63/MD 68 in Williamsport, Washington County, and reconstruct the four bridges within the project limits.

The $105 million project will enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion along the critical I-81 commercial freight corridor across the Potomac River. During the last two decades the traffic volume has doubled to 63,400 vehicles a day – with 28 percent truck traffic using the corridor. By 2035, I-81 traffic volumes are projected to increase to 91,850 vehicles.

Triton Construction, Inc. of St. Albans, West Virginia has contracted with Concrete Safety Systems (CSS) to provide the rental safety barrier for the project. Over the course of the multi-year construction schedule, 39,000 LF of J-J Hooks precast concrete safety barrier will be deployed to ensure the safety of workers and motorists. CSS delivered the first 3,000 linear feet of barrier for project launch in early February.

CSS’s entire fleet of self-aligning J-J Hooks rental barrier is painted reflective white to ensure an extra level of safety regardless of weather conditions or nightfall. Freestanding, bolted and pinned options are available for rent across a six state region from New Jersey to North Carolina.

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